Pansion "Marinko Kozina" - Medjugorje

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Pansion "Marinko Kozina" - Medjugorje

About pension

Pansion "Marinko Kozina" has been dealing with only pilgrimage tourism. We are only 5-8 minuts walk from church of st. Jacobs. We are currently have on our disposal 72 beds in 30 rooms. As a part of pansion there is a reostaurant.

About rooms

Pansion "Marinko Kozina" has at its disposal 72 beds in 30 rooms. Every room has it's own bathroom and shower. We are currnetly disposing with 2 rooms with one bed, 18 rooms with two beds, 6 rooms with three beds andi 4 rooms with four beds.

About restaurant

As a part of Ppansiona "Marinko Kozina" there is a retautant, where the whole family is employed and wants to offer You a top atmosphere, including good quality food like local specialties and home made wine..